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Nowadays, life gets very, very busy for people. Work takes up quite a bit of time, and outside that you’ll need to think about social commitments, family outings, and various other tasks, chores, and duties. It doesn’t leave you a lot of time to relax, but that isn’t the only issue. It’s also hard to keep yourself fit and firing, to look after your wellbeing in a proactive manner. This is why, increasingly, people are turning to mobile IV treatment services that can help deliver the assistance needed to keep healthy and happy. By using an intravenous health service, you can not only get yourself physically healthier, but you can actually boost your mental condition too. The trick is finding an at-home IV treatment service that is reputable, knowledgeable and affordable – sounds easier said than done, right? Luckily, you’ve come across a service that brings all of those qualities and so much more. Read on to find out more.

About Us

At Los Angeles Mobile IV Therapy, we’ve forged a reputation as one of the area’s leading in-home IV therapy services, providing mobile excellence to customers in various areas throughout Los Angeles, California, and beyond. Mobile IV therapy is still a relatively new treatment option for the majority of people, but with services like ours making such a positive impact, it’s hardly a surprise that it’s skyrocketing in popularity. We care deeply about the physical and mental condition of our customers, as well as their complete satisfaction, and we’re always willing to do whatever is required to ensure that they’re looked after to the very highest standard. We’ve gathered a team of talented and knowledge individuals, people who have years of experience between them, and we know that they’ll give you an outcome that you’re delighted with. But our service quality is but one aspect of our sparkling reputation. Our affordable pricing structures mean we’re the most accessible IV therapy service in the area – giving you a perfect blend of value and quality.

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Our Services

We’re committed to providing a diverse and comprehensive array of mobile IV therapy treatments to our customers in Los Angeles, and we feel that we’ve managed to provide that kind of service experience since our founding many years ago. In the past, we’ve helped our customers with drip hydration therapy, vitamin infusion IV therapy, migraine cocktail IV therapy, glutathione IV therapy, NAD IV therapy, and various other treatments. If you’re at all unsure about whether or not we have a treatment suitable for you, or whether you’re the right candidate for these treatments, all you have to do is contact our customer service representatives for clarity.

Hangover IV

A hangover IV treatment is going to get you back up on an even keel after a night of celebrating and partying – even if you’ve had a few too many rounds of drinks. This is particularly useful for those of you who are trying to recover quickly while on holiday in the area, or for those who have an important event on the day following a night of drinking – such as professional business meetings.

Drip Hydration IV

Dehydration is no joke – it has potentially serious consequences if it isn’t resolved. A rehydration IV therapy service can get you hydrated in much less time than any oral hydration attempt. It’ll help you overcome migraines and headaches, drowsiness or feelings of being faint, and all sorts of other ailments.

Vitamin Infusion IV

When it comes to vitamin infusion IV therapy, there is an array of options. Vitamin C IV therapy is amongst the most popular choices out there, largely because of the substantial impact that vitamin C has on various aspects of peoples’ health. Needless to say, we have plenty of other options for you to choose from, all of which will booster your physical and mental condition.

NAD+ Therapy

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is an essential coenzyme in the body. This is something associated with anti-aging, since it’s well known to impact matters like the deterioration of DNA. NAD+ therapy gives you this naturally-occurring coenzyme in the quantities needed to keep yourself fit, energetic, and young.

Myers Cocktail IV

A Myers Cocktail IV therapy is hardly a new creation – it’s among the most popular IV therapy treatments in the world – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. This has a vast range of nutrients and vitamins in it, and these help with tackling all sorts of health issues. You can expect boosted energy levels, greater mental acuity, and so much more.

B12 Shots

Vitamin B12 helps with DNA synthesis, neurological function, and many other bodily functions and processes. Unfortunately, many people do not have access to the B12 levels they need to keep healthy, either due to low consumption or because they cannot absorb it. Supplementary B12 shots overcome these difficulties, granting many worthwhile benefits.

“I’ve been getting B12 shots from Los Angeles Mobile IV Therapy for a few months now and I’m so impressed. I’ve really noticed myself feeling better, I feel like a totally different person. Money well spent.” – Cary F.

“Los Angeles Mobile IV Therapy is the company I use for hangover treatments. I’m often out drinking with clients and then in meetings the next day, I don’t know how I’d manage these cycles without them.” – Dwight C.

“Los Angeles Mobile IV Therapy is the company I use for hangover treatments. I’m often out drinking with clients and then in meetings the next day, I don’t know how I’d manage these cycles without them.” – Dwight C.

“I want to pass on my thanks to Los Angeles Mobile IV Therapy for their help. We came to LA for my sister’s bachelorette weekend and they made sure we had the energy to keep partying after some really late nights! Best hangover cure ever!” – Andrea M.

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